Tycho armchair

The "Tycho" armchair was deveIoped with the aim of being integrated on the debut coIIection "Origins" for Lusitan Furniture. The prerequisite wouId be a very comfortabIe and ergonomicaIIy effective armchair that wouId be visuaIIy appeaIing in any type of housing or hoteI, for its simple minimaIist Iines of Nordic inspiration. The pieces are avaiIable in various coIours and fabrics, which aIIow several combinations conjugated with the white and bIack tubuIar feet (in gIoss or matte). For interiors onIy.


Armchair components

The armchair structure is made of wood compounds properly treated, composed of high density foam and springs in the seat, in order to offer greater comfort respecting the ergonomic elements. The fabrics chosen are among the best on the market ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 cycles of use.


Tycho Armchair

74 x 74 x 74 cm

Design: Rodrigues dos Santos, 2018



The details

Details matter. That's why we value the detail and finishes. All chairs are made in an handmade and cared environment, being at the end of manufacture made a strict quality control guaranteeing a great product to the client. You can choose between white or black (glossy or matte) lacquered legs with the endcaps in natural solid beech wood or in black lacquered solid beech.



The “Tycho” armchairs are composed of the best fabrics from Camira Fabrics Ltd., such as “Blazer” (100% virgin wool) and “Era” (100% polyester) with great resistance to use.

There are also three shades of synthetic leather from MMP’s “Magnum” collection. Technical data sheets for various fabrics are available in the 2019 Lusitan Furniture catalogue (for further technical information please contact the main manufacturer).